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World famous paintings of all time

The world famous paintings simply take your breath away! This creation is full of art and inspiration, that is what everyone can see, but it takes a really talented and visionary artist to pick paint and brush and illustrate their thoughts, visions and this beautiful creation into paintings.

world famous paintings

Importance of painting
Painting is much more than a simple activity. It is a way, where different types of children can express themselves in their own special way. The painting also helps children to use their senses, emotion, explore color, and create pleasing works and experiences.

Most Beautiful and Expensive Paintings forever
The viewers have seen the huge number of paintings in museums and art galleries across the world, only a relatively number of artworks have been universally recognized as being classic and famous. Everlasting in their beauty and implementation, these artworks have limits of time and artistic concepts to create history. These famous paintings forever are familiar to people of all ages and cultures. The greatest works of art ever created and will continue to vibrate in the minds of art lovers for many centuries to come.

world famous paintings

Our expert in art group identified 7 most famous paintings in the world that have had the maximum artistic impact and recognition. This art list comprises works by a great many famed artists that are now housed in some of the world’s finest museums. Yet, the list of top 7 masterpieces is only an acknowledgment of the huge contribution of the artists who have made them so memorable.

History of top 7 Masterpieces – World’s Most Famous Paintings
To blow, we have gone through great detail to find some of the best artwork that has ever been produced. Below are the 7 most beautiful, famous and expensive paintings of all time.

Our Top #1
Probably the most famous painting in the world is Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

world famous paintings

This is a portrait of a lady called Gherardini and world-famous because the lady’s expression is indecipherable. This painting is currently displayed in Louvre, France.

Our Top #2
School of Athens
The famous paintings of School of Athens is painted by Raphael; this painting contains photos of world-famous philosophers like Plato

world famous paintings

and Aristotle walking within the middle in conjunction with other philosophers on the sides. It is now located in the Vatican.

Our Top #3
The Girl with a Pearl Earring
The Girl with a Pearl Earring is usually called Dutch Monalisa because of the facial expression of the girl. It is hard to recognize.

world famous paintings

This painting by Johannes Vermeer has her pearl earrings because of the attentiveness.

Our Top #4
Night Watch
This Night Watch is one of the most popular pieces of work by Rembrandt. It depicts a whole town moving out led by its captain.

world famous paintings

A unique aspect is its dark varnish that gives an impression of the night scene. It is currently housed in Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Our Top #5
Christina’s World
Christina’s World is one of the most famous paintings of the 20th century. The painting of 1948’s canvas represents a lady, Anna Christina who is crawling up from a yellowish-brown grass field and looking lovingly at a gray farmhouse on the top of the crag. The lady within the painting was stricken by a muscular disorder that prevented her from hiking. However, she was still doing an endeavor to induce the house that was located quite distant.

world famous paintings

Note: Christina’s World is one of the most famous paintings by American painter Andrew Wyeth. The challenge here for the artist was to do impartiality to her extraordinary conquest of a life which most people would consider hopeless. The beautiful painting with a deep meaning and want to realize is currently on show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Our Top #6
Edward Hopper’s NightHawks is one painting that represents the elusive assessment of today’s society. The four characters within the painting are isolated and disconnected from their atmosphere despite being in an exceedingly stylish atmosphere.
On the outside, it looks that the man and woman are holding hands however on closer inspection but they are not even looking at each other. The other two characters of the painting also look like talking to each other however they are not.
Note: The painting was bought immediately after it was completed by Hopper by the Art Institute of Chicago which remains there to date. Although Hopper claimed that the situational location was real, however, people were not able to find any such restaurant. The painting gives the idea that everyone in this world is alone since the characters are disconnected and placed in an ambiguous relationship. The painting was created by Hopper in 1942 on canvas and was painted with oil.

Our Top #7
The Scream
The famous painting of Scream is a painting by Edvard Munch of Norway and it shows the distorted face of a figure against a bloody sky.

world famous paintings

The hill landscape within the background adds to this picture’s charm. It is also one of the first few famous paintings done in the expressionism style where the reality is blurred to give more importance to emotions.

world famous paintings

Of course, there are millions of paintings, but we hardly try to well introduce and know about the world-famous painting. Though, here is our list of the most famous 7 paintings ever done. Which of these is your favorite? Do let us know through your comments.

Here are six great benefits of painting that promote mental health and improve your overall quality of life such as,
Fosters Creative Growth.
Strengthens Memory.
Builds Problem-Solving and Motor Skills.
Offers Stress Relief.
Promotes an Optimistic Attitude.
Nurtures Emotional Growth.

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