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Best professional Santa Claus outfit in 2020

During the Marry Christmas, nothing brings a bigger smile to a child’s face than to take a sight of Santa. We take the tradition seriously for example, Santa Claus costume is bright red, not maroon. We provide an extensive selection of Santa and Mrs. Claus suits and all of the accessories needed and more.

Santa Claus costume

We collected some superb Santa suits that are the finest quality available anywhere in many different styles too and price ranges. A perfect professional Santa Suit Costumes are,
1. Bright red, pile-plush jacket with satin lining, long-hair faux rabbit fur trim, front zipper, belt loops, and inside front pocket.
2. Bright red, pile-plush pants with satin-lining and side pockets
3. Bright red, pile-plush hat with long-hair faux rabbit fur trim and pom pom.
4. Black Naugahyde belt with a gold-colored metal belt buckle.
5. Black Naugahyde boot covers with long-hair faux rabbit fur trim.
6. White nylon gloves.

Our Reliable Judgment

The Professional Santa Suit Costume is must have professional quality. The hat, jacket, and pants are wide, fluffy pile-plush, not just plush. They are satin-lined for all-day comfort. The fake rabbit hair trim is long-hair, not short. The boot covers and belt are Naugahyde. The color of this Santa Claus costume is bright red, not maroon. That the Professional Santa Suit is designed with sufficient room so that the jacket will drape well in photos and not be confining or uncomfortable when sitting with children. Slim Santa’s may find this style overwhelming for their body type. If you are in doubt between the Professional Santa Suit and the Majestic Santa Suit, concentrate on the thickness of the plush fabric. The main difference between the Professional Suit and Majestic Suit is the extra width of the luxurious material in the Majestic Santa Suit. That gives the majestic appearance.

Perfect Professional Santa Suit Sizes and Measurements

Professional Santa Suits are cut differently than ordinary clothing Suits. A person who wears an XL in ordinary clothes will most likely not wear an XL Professional Santa Suit. How do you find the perfect fit? At first, measure your chest with a sewing measuring tape. If your belly is larger than your chest, measure your belly. Next, you can add 4-6″ for comfort so that the Santa Suit does not feel too tight when sitting with children or walking around during performances. If you will be wearing Belly Padding, add extra 8 inches. Lastly, you can compare this number to the size ranges of our Professional Santa Suits: 44-62, 60-68, 66-76, and 72-80 inches.

For Example #01
Henry measures his chest at 54 inches. He adds 5 inches for comfort. This totals 59 inches. He will buy the 59 inches falls within the range of the size Large (44-62) inches.

Example #02
Bill wants to wear Belly Padding. He also measures his chest at 54 inches. He adds 5 inches for comfort and then adds 8 inches for Belly Padding. His total is 67 inches. He will buy the 67 inches falls within the range of the size X-Large (60-68) inches.

The authentic measurements for the Professional costume of
Classic Santa Suit.
Best Santa jacket.
Best Santa pants
44-62 (Large): 66″ Chest on the jacket and 30-46″ waist on pants.
60-68 (X-Large): 72″ Chest on the jacket and 34-52″ waist on pants.
66-76 (XX-Large): 80″ Chest on the jacket and 38-56″ waist on pants.
72-80 (XXX-Large): 84″ Chest on the jacket and 38-56″ waist on pants.

Below we are trying to collect and share with you the best Santa Suit Accessories to give the best Christmas.

01# Rubie’s Value Santa Beard And Wig Set

Brand: Rubie’s
The primary difference between the Santa Beards and Wigs is the fiber or ‘hair’. The good quality Santa Beard and Wigs have burly fibers that permit for multiple washing. This curly white beard and wig, you may require some styling to achieve the desired look. The Rubie’s Costume offers Santa beards, wigs, and costumes for every budget from value to deluxe.

Made with synthetic fibers (2 Pack).
2-Piece Santa Claus beard and wig set.
The perfect finishing touch and 1 size fits most adults.

Pros: It worked just fine at affordable price.
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02# Kangaroo’s Santa Wig and Beard

Brand: Kangaroo
Another consideration is the color. This cheap Santa Beard and Wig Sets are light white. The final difference is the texture of the fibers, that truly lifelike, the fibers must be soft, supple, and silky as like real hair. It perfect for completing any Santa look this holiday season.

It is Washable.
One Santa Wig and Beard Set.
High quality and breathable mesh.

Pros: Comfortable & Cheap.
Cons: Not included costume, hat, and glasses.
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03# Economy Santa Wig & Beard Set Costume Accessory

Brand: Rubie’s
The Economy Santa Beard and Wig is an excellent choice for the occasional Santa Claus costume. Longer-Term assignments are requiring a more durable, washable beard and wig. The Professional Santa Claus costume will need a great appearance and durable, washable fibers that will endure important wear such as the Professional Santa Beard and Wig.

Easy to wear and perfect for any Christmas party.
One adult size white economy Santa wig & beard set.
It is a short-to-medium length white Santa beard set with curls.

Pros: Economy Santa wig & beard set.
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02# Complete Duvetyne Santa Suit – Costume Men… for more
03# PAMPAS Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit 10… for more

04# Rubie’s Costume Fillable Santa Belly Costume

Brand: Rubie’s
There are two styles of belly padding to give your Santa Suit that jolly-looking belly. The Santa Belly Pad is a prefilled frivolous and synthetic belly pad 3 inches thick. For more adjustable, the Santa Belly Pouch only has 1 inch of stuffing but allows your Santa to add stuffing into the pocket or small bag for a custom fit. Its ties in back to help keep your new belly in place and designed to be worn under a Santa jacket.

5.51″ high and 1.97″ wide.
100% Polyester & imported.
Tie closure & Dry Clean Only.

Pros: 1 size fits most adults & dry clean only.
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05# Self Adhesive, Novelty, Santa Claus Beard, Mustache and Eyebrows

Brand: Mustaches
The Santa has a white Eyebrow. The Santa fix is white makeup for coloring a person’s actual eyebrows. The genuine Santa Eyebrows are made of synthetic material designed to look like Yak hair shaped into pretty eyebrows. They are very nice and will last on many occasions with proper care with be sure to use Spirit Gum and Remover with genuine Eyebrows.

It is simple and convenient.
Crafted with superior quality.
A party prop or just for having fun.
Makes you look great all day or night.
Eyebrow set is ideal for theatre, drama clubs, and cosplay.

Pros: Made to fit any adult.
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06# Rubie’s Square Santa Glasses

Brand: Rubie’s
There are two types of Santa Glasses. The Square Santa Glasses are the most popular choice because they give you a unique appearance. It is great for Santa Claus, Ben Franklin, and other retro costumes.

0.5″ high and 3″ wide.
Old-style square rim glasses with clear lenses.

Pros: Wear them on stage at Christmas.
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07# Rubie’s Adult Novelty Round Santa Glasses

Brand: Rubie’s
This beautiful round Santa glasses are nice for a look. This Round shape perfect for Santa or granny costume accessory.

Metal frame, plastic lenses.
No magnification, prop only.
Novelty eyeglasses with 2 Pack.

Pros: 1 size fits most teens and adults.
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08# Men’s Santa Green Drawstring Gift Bag

Brand: Sunnywood
There are 4 different Santa Bags available for toys.
The first one is Red Plush Santa Bag is made of red plush material matching in color to the Professional Santa suit.

100% Polyester & imported.
Drawstring closure & Dry Clean Only.
Drawstring close with braided nylon rope.
Approx. dimensions for the sack is 36″L x 27″W.

Pros: Great for Christmas morning.
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Second: Burgundy Plush Santa Bag. This is made of burgundy plush material similar to the Majestic but a slightly different shade of color.
Third: Velvet Santa Bag. This is a very nice Santa Toy Bag made of velvet with gold embroidered Merry Christmas lettering.
Fourth: Christmas Santa Tote Bag. This is a very pleasant accessory for either the Mrs. Santa Suit or the Sexy Santa Suit.

09# Rubie’s Men’s Adult Santa Boots

Brand: Rubie’s
There are various types of Santa Boots and Christmas Stockings & Holders for Santa Claus which matches the Santa Claus suit.

Only for Hand Wash.
100% other fibers & imported.

Pros: Available multi-color.
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**Santa Claus also use Santa Socks.

togetinspire give you more option to get the best one:
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10# Unisex-Adult’s Santa Hat, Velvet Christmas Hat with Plush Trim &and Comfort Liner

Brand: B-Land
There are various types of hats for Santa Claus, Elves, and hats for Santa Helpers. This hat fits most people’s head it also will fit for both adults & children. It made by selected best quality plush and fluffy faux fur to make this hat. We sure you and your child will love it. It is great for holiday costume parties & Christmas tree toppers. Its workmanship ensures this will last for many seasons to come.

Beautiful colors.
Hand-wash needed.
It’s soft and comfortable.
The large Santa hat was made with double thickened fabric.

Pros: You will feel super warm after wearing it.
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How do you clean your Santa Beard and Santa Wig?

Before cleaning your Santa Beard or Santa Wig, it’s important to verify which model you have. The Economy Beard and Wig Set is not designed for washing. But if you clean the Professional Santa Beard, just follow a few steps. Gently brush the wig to remove particles. Hand washes in cold water with wig soap, baby shampoo or mild soap. Rinse in cold water and remove excess water but do not squeeze or twist. Blotting with a towel may help. Let dry on a tall, slender object so that air will circulate through the wig. Never blow-dry or put in the clothes dryer. When completely dry, shape with your hands or gently brush to style.

professional Santa Claus outfit

You can also see our other exclusive collection of Best Christmas outfits, Best Christmas tree, and Best Christmas lights. togetinspire try to make your life more easy, smart, and happy with love.

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