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Best Artificial Pre-lit Christmas Trees in 2020

A convergent product of Christmas lights and an artificial Christmas tree is a pre-lit tree. A pre-lit tree is made by electrical wired and strung with lights it’s a false fir tree, which cannot be removed and is usually embedded within the artificial branches. Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way since the ’80s, and now they look much more realistic and festive during the holiday season. Now today’s, the best artificial Christmas trees are that will look great year after year. Unlike the impostors of the past, the best of today’s imitation trees could pass as the real thing. Plus, most artificial Christmas trees now come pre-lit, and now its called  Artificial Pre-lit Christmas trees , so you can skip the temper-fraying ritual of distributing lights evenly around the branches and focus on the decorating.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees

What kinds of Christmas tree do you want?
Whether you are looking for something classic or a unique eye-catcher, there’s an artificial Christmas tree here for you. If you count yourself among the unwilling group, then it may be time to go fake. After all, buying an artificial Christmas tree needn’t mean accepting overcome. You might balk at the idea of a plastic tree, but the reality is that a quality faux fir is far from a faux pas. Once you’ve selected your tree of choice, make sure to check out our guide to decorating your tree like a pro.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees

Pre-lit trees and type of lights
While deciding whether to buy an Artificial Pre-lit Christmas Trees is a personal decision, we suggest that you don’t. Though the quality of string lights has improved in the past several years, you still risk the lights on your tree burning out before you’ve gotten full use of the tree. Furthermore, you usually cannot remove the lights from the tree.

If you do purchase a pre-lit tree, you should look for one that has about 100 lights per foot and a half of a tree. You can find both incandescent-lit and LED-lit trees on the market. However, LED lights are by far the favored choice for their energy-saving and long-lasting qualities.

Cost of Pre-lit trees
The cost of Artificial Pre-lit Christmas Trees varies dramatically. And, while it’s true that higher cost is usually synonymous with a higher branch tip count and better-looking tree, there are some bargains out there that look pretty realistic for an affordable price.

The trees on our list run the gambit in cost, starting at about $60 (for a tiny apartment-sized tree) to over $300 for one of our top contenders. Though all of our picks fall under $300, it’s not unheard of to drop nearly half a grand for a tree. Want to get the best deal on your tree? Some experts suggest you buy it during the first two weeks of December.

How can buy the best artificial Pre-lit Christmas trees of 2019?
5 artificial Christmas trees look pretty. Now that December’s here, it’s officially time to start pining over the best holiday decorations available.
First on our list: a tree, of course! When it comes to Christmas trees, the debate between those who only and those who swear by the faux imitations is fierce.

We’re not here to pick sides, but if you are a fake tree lover, we’ve rounded up some great options you can display with pride.
Say goodbye to the days of hauling a real pine out to the driveway on Dec. 26. Our experts to share top picks for trees you can easily store once the season is over.

Spruce 4 ft Pre-lit Poinsettia Pull Up Tree
Ideal for small spaces, this tree is narrower than most, allowing you to put it up wherever you find room! We liked this one because it’s collapsible, so you won’t have to worry too much about finding a place to store it.

artificial pre-lit Christmas trees

Guide, though it’s far from the most expensive artificial tree we looked at. And if you want your living room to look like the grand ballroom in The Nutcracker Ballet, then this 4 ft Spruce Pre-lit Poinsettia Pull Up Tree is your pick.

Artificial 6.5-Foot Pre-Lit Christmas tree
For those who want to bring the holiday season indoors — literally. This snow-flocked tree creates a unique, wintery feel in your home.

artificial pre-lit Christmas trees

Artificial 6.5-Foot Pre-Lit Pine Tree is perfect for those in the market for a traditional-looking tree. Hinged branches are pre-attached as well, making set up a breeze.

Goplus 7-Foot Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Tree with Snowflakes
This 7-Foot Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Tree with Snowflakes tree comes equipped with colored lights and light-up snowflakes.

artificial pre-lit Christmas trees

National Tree 7.5-Foot “Feel Real” Down swept Douglas fir
Pre-lit trees can be a real time saver as you don’t have to wrestle with stringing strands and attempting to get them all evenly spaced. With a pre-lit artificial option, you just plug it in, and voila! This pre-lit tree from National Tree stands 7.5 feet tall, is 58 inches around, and comes with 750 lights. No matter the room you place it in; it’s prepped to make a big impact. Can’t decide if you’re more of a white or colorful light kind of family? You don’t have to choose.

This tree comes with both, and you can change between the two with an easy-to-use foot control as often as you like. There are more than 1,899 branch tips in all, and they feature the company’s Feel-Real technology which molds them from actual tree branches. Customers note that the tree is high quality and the lights are bright and lovely. While some say it takes a bit of time to set up and fluff, once you do it makes a stunning sight during the holidays.

artificial pre-lit Christmas trees

Why you choose an artificial Christmas tree?
Advantage of artificial Christmas tree: Artificial Christmas trees are convenient, typically requiring only simple assembly and fluffing once a season. You don’t have to worry about watering or maintaining your artificial tree throughout the season. You are not cutting down a live tree and disturbing animals that may inhabit it.

The big bonus is cost: artificial trees can last for decades, so they work out cheaper than paying for a real tree every year. Retailers are offering great deals at the moment, for instance, Balsam Hill has a clearance sale on while Treetopia has 30% off, with free delivery. Now several companies are offering beautifully made, lovely, and lively-looking artificial trees in all shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties of pine.

Best Snow-Covered 
7.5 ft. Pre-Lit LED Flocked Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Warm White Lights, for those who love the look of crisp, freshly fallen snow, the Pre-Lit LED Flocked Mixed Pine Tree with 500 Warm White Lights from Home Accents Holiday is a superb choice for your home Christmas tree.

 artificial pre-lit Christmas trees

The tree’s soft, glowy lights and snow-frosted branches evoke a peaceful, wintry forest landscape—suffusing your living room with a cozy and warm ambiance, just in time for the holiday season. This towering 7.5-foot tree boasts a very lifelike appearance, with 1586 artificial branch tips that round out its full shape. Just be sure to fluff the tree for the most realistic appearance. Elegant, sparkling, and super chic, the Pre-Lit LED Flocked Mixed Pine Tree is a snow-kissed Christmas staple.

Best for big rooms
Pre-lit 12-foot Dunhill Fir Tree by National Tree, why you’ll love it. The 12-foot Pre-lit Dunhill Fir Tree by National Tree is the perfect artificial tree for people with high ceilings who want to impress guests. When nothing but the biggest and best will do, National Tree’s 12-foot pre-lit Dunhill Fir Tree is just what you need. It’s more expensive than the other options.

artificial pre-lit Christmas trees

This particular tree comes pre-lit with 1,500 perfectly spaced clear lights, so there’s no fiddling with tangled strands or burnt-out bulbs since if one burns out, the others will stay lit. The metal stand is also included, so just add a tree skirt, your family’s traditional ornaments, a topper, and you’re set for Santa!

Pros: Wow factor is easy with a tree this giant and full
Cons: Its size means a little more planning and storage space required than with a smaller tree

Best for small spaces
King of Christmas 7-foot Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree comes with all the trappings of a full-size pre-lit artificial tree but only takes small portion of the space. It’s made with only 180 degrees of branches and needles so you can set it up against a wall or in a corner.

artificial pre-lit Christmas trees

Pros: An absolute must-have for Christmas lovers without a lot of space
Cons: Probably not good for households with cats or small kids, as it might be wobbly

How you get the best pre-lit artificial Christmas tree?
To get best pre-lit artificial Christmas tree you must consider the following objects:
Size: Generally speaking, they range from 4ft to 12ft. Most people decide on for a 7ft pre-lit artificial tree, which fits in the average-sized living room.
Price: 7ft trees come as low as £20, but you can spend over £8000 if you want, too. Spending as much as you can spend much as you want is worth it remembered a cheap tree will probably look cheap.

Tips: Go for a tree with a high tip count. This refers to the number of needles; the higher the count, the fuller the tree will look.
PVE or PE: You can go for PE tips if you afford them. They’re molded to look like real needles and look realistic even up close. PVC ones are cheaper and are cut to look like needles – sometimes unsuccessfully.

What are the downsides of the pre-lit artificial Christmas tree?
You might think you’re saving the planet, but a fake tree is not the most environmentally friendly of options. Most are made in factories in Asia, racking up some serious air miles to reach the UK. They’re made from non-biodegradable metal and plastic, and many end their lives in a landfill.

On the other hand, of course, keep your tree for years and years and it will start to pay you back in terms of carbon footprint; whereas a ‘real’ one will always have to be transported, used and disposed of every year.
The other problem with a faux tree is that they can look imitation – and of course, you won’t get that lovely pine smell. You also need to find space for storage.

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