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Best slim artificial blue spruce Xmas trees

A Christmas tree is a decorated tree. It usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine or fir, or an artificial tree of similar look, connected with the celebration of Christmas. Spruce Xmas trees is one of the most popular Christmas trees. It stands out with its dark green color and long branches that are covered in tens of thousands of short needles, resembling their natural prototype.

spruce xmas tree

Awesome! It’s the most wonderful time of the year–and our favorite part of the season! It’s Christmas time. You and your family also want a beautiful Christmas tree. As you’re searching, do the fresh test! Run your fingers along with the needles, grab the branches and bounce the tree a little. If many needles fall off at the moment, the tree was cut long ago and has not gotten enough water, so find another!

As well, the search for the perfect tree will go much smoother if you already know the type of tree you want. Without further ado, here are the pros and cons of the top 3 most common live Christmas tree types.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the most common spruce Xmas tree types?

Artificial blue spruce Xmas trees
Pros: If the beautiful silvery-blue needles; incredibly balanced tree shape; holds onto its needles; great at holding lots of heavy ornaments; doesn’t drop many needles except the room is too warm.
spruce xmas tree
Cons: Sharp needles; not much cologne except the needles are broken then they’ll smell unpleasant; smaller in size.

Norway spruce Christmas trees
Pros: Attractive forest-green needles; mild, pleasing scent; cone-shaped tree.

spruce xmas tree

Cons: lose sharp needles easily

White or black hills spruce Christmas trees
Pros: gray-green needles that hold much better than other spruces; hold heavy ornaments.
spruce xmas tree

Cons: Motionless drops some needles; needles smell bad, like a skunk or cat pee, when crushed.

How can you choose the right artificial blue spruce Xmas trees?
When choosing your Christmas tree, your first consideration is usually aesthetics. You look for a nice shape and color, and branches that can carry the weight of the ornaments. We give you lots of offer and collection for great Christmas tree choices. Whether you look for a pre-cut tree at a local tree lot or pack up the family for the choose-and-cut experience, you will find a wide variety of tree types that offer something special for everyone.

spruce xmas tree
Needles are drop or not drop, all cut Christmas trees die sooner or later. Come January they’re either in a sorry, naked state at the bottom of the garden with most of the needles somewhere in your lounge.

The traditional cut Christmas tree has been the Norway spruce for many years, which has short, bright green, pointed needles that drop quickly. In recent years, sales of “non-drop” varieties, such as blue spruce, with glucose or silver-blue foliage, have overtaken the Norway spruce.

The following best spruce Christmas trees you can buy
Do you have your favorite type of tree to use for a Christmas tree or do you buy the first tree you see on the lot? Most people consider this important decision, looking for the perfectly shaped, fullest, most beautiful tree they can find. Read here to find the perfect type of tree for your ultimate holiday decorations and to find out about the many options available.

Colorado blue spruce
A Colorado blue spruce has short, sharp, very strong needles with good needle retention if kept watered with a nice pyramidal shape with strong limbs that can hold heavy ornaments. The beautiful Colorado blue spruce is known for its lovely blue flora which can also show silvery. If your decorating scheme does not include this bluish tint, this tree may not be right for your home.

spruce xmas tree

The blue needles range in color from dark green to bright blue. Its color is very dependent on the soil ph range in which they are grown, with a more intense blue shade occurring in alkaline soil. So the color can vary from dark green to powdery blue. The needles are 1 to 3 inches long and can be so stiff they scratch, so be careful when handling. Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens) has good needle retention, but they will drop in a warm room.

Norway spruce
The Norway spruce is a beautiful tree but does not hold its needles well, and should be purchased just a week or so before December 25th. The Norway spruce is excellent, but needle maintenance is considered poor unless the trees are cut fresh and kept properly watered.

spruce xmas tree

Norway spruce (Picea abies) is an undeniably pretty tree, with poor needle retention. Be sure to keep it watered and it should make it through the holiday season just fine. On the plus side, the branches are sturdy enough to hold heavy ornaments. They get good training holding up clusters of pine cones.

White spruce
The white spruce (Picea glauca) is very similar in appearance and characteristics to the Colorado blue spruce. This pretty tree bluish-green native of the northern US.

spruce xmas tree

Holds its needles well, but they have an unpleasant odor when crushed, so don’t handle the tree after it is decorated. The stiff branches and needles hold your ornaments secure.

Blue Spruce
The blue spruce is a popular Christmas tree because of its bright blue color. Branches are stiff and hold ornaments well. Blue spruce needles are fairly sharp that may make the tree hard to handle, so be sure to wear gloves and long-sleeves when handling.

Black hills spruce
Black hills spruce have needles that are shorter and softer than Colorado blue spruce. Black Hills spruce has excellent color and has a very traditional Christmas tree appearance. Black hills spruce’s branches are stiff and hold up well to ornaments.

Serbian spruce
Serbian spruce, a tree local to northern Europe and northern Asia, is now available at bells Christmas tree farm. The Serbian is one of the few spruces with flat needles like hemlock, not the four-sided needles of most spruces.

spruce xmas tree

The short needles are shiny dark green above while the foundation has two broad, white stomatal bands. These bands collectively stand out; creating a unique silvery contrast that is very effective when the upswept branches move in the wind.

Meyer spruce
The Meyer spruce has much softer needles and it is alike in many ways to the Colorado blue spruce. It is usually very dark green in color, with short rich blue-green needles that are very even in length.

spruce xmas tree

Meyer spruce ranches are balanced about the trunk and the tree has excellent needle retention. Meyer spruce Xmas trees look so nice this year, the strong branches on these trees are great for hanging heavy ornaments.

Flocked natural spruce
Flocked natural spruce does not have cones or glitter frost. its only decoration is branches with white down. The tree can be decorated with colorful Christmas ornaments and cool Christmas lights.

Natural spruce
Natural spruce in a version dedicated to small spaces. Perfectly fits into narrow rooms, corridors, and halls, bringing a Christmas mood even in the smallest of areas. Occupying a small amount of space, it changes every interior. Everyone will feel the unique aura of excitement and mystery, well known to them from childhood.

Christmas tree guide to select best spruce Xmas tree
There are kinds of tips to help find the perfect spruce Xmas trees for your home including where to buy and which species to choose.

Pick your spot
Before you do anything else, decide where the tree is to go. The ideal is a well-lit corner of your house, in a room where it will get plenty of footfalls.

spruce xmas tree

Where to buy?
Many shoppers now order their Christmas tree online, although this can be an unreliable way of getting a good-quality tree.

spruce xmas tree

For best results, visit a good stockiest in person, soon after they’ve had a delivery. And also you can buy from amazon store.

Which species?
The Norway spruce is attractive but the problem tends to drop its needles, particularly towards the end of the Christmas period. In recent years it has been overtaken by non-drop varieties. The blue spruce has an attractive color and holds its needles better than the Norwegian variety.

Cut, containerized or container-grown? Cut trees, and those which have been grown in a container, last longer than containerized trees, which have been grown in the ground and then stuffed into a pot. A cut tree behaves like a cut flower and can be dunked in water, while a container-grown tree can (in theory at least) be planted out in the garden when the festivities are over.

Tool up: If you’re buying your tree from a plantation avoid unwelcome muckiness. Gloves are essential, as are clothes you don’t mind covering in needles, sap, and bark, and a tape measure to ensure that the tree you buy is the right size for your space.

Choosing the tree: At first make sure, the tree is as fresh as possible. Call the shop, and check that they received deliveries throughout December, rather than just at the start. Check for trees with no brown needles. To test how well the tree retains its needles, drop it on its stump from a few inches above the floor. Choose another tree, if more than a couple of needles fall. Find a tree that fits your space.

How much to pay?
Prices for trees vary a great deal between suppliers. Spruces tend to be cheaper than firs. Prices generally increase according to height, at roughly £10 per foot.

Fake fir: Of course, if you can’t be bothered with a real tree, there are plenty of good artificial ones on the market.

Taking a Stand: A sturdy stand is a very vital issue for the Christmas tree. This sturdy plastic stand must have the capacity to reserve a large amount of water. A wide stand base also makes it very stable, especially when full of water.

Caring for your tree: The two most important things are to keep your tree watered and stop it from getting too hot.

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